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I have a really weird problem, could someone help me

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3 years ago#1
I have a HDD which I messed up so badly it doesn't boot. now i have XP on another HDD and windows can't say anything about that HDD. windows installer sees the drive but the problem is it has only 100 mb of space left, so i can't re install XP on it.
What i would need to do here;

-Access and delete some files on the drive it doesn't see to be able re install XP on it.

I can't use the drive i'm using now, since my windows installer doesn't recognize 2 tera drive, so i have only 127 gigs on it now. I have to find a work around for it. Any suggestions? Would windows 7 recognize the 2 tera drive?

I know this is not the tech forum but it is pretty dead and i need help quickly.
3 years ago#2
To clarify, I do not know of any disk recovery program that let's you delete certain stuff on the drive. It's either all or nothing. And i can't delete everything.
I'll give any info you need to solve this, just ask away.
3 years ago#3
Just chose a drive, and XP will auto-format it to install XP on.

Just read second post, you're best bet is to transfer the stuff from that drive onto some other storage drive, and then do what I said above
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3 years ago#4
Oh crap, apparently ages ago when I formated this newer drive that works for ntsf file system, and the old one which this doesn't recognize is fat 32... So I have to format my working drive AGAIN and put the fat 32 filesystem on it to see my old HDD, correct?
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3 years ago#6
partition program says that the drive that doesn't boot has "unformated" space 128 gigs. and un allocated 337, which doesn't hold true. It should be full. Also it doesn't recognize any file system. Should be fat 32 i believe, but not completely sure.
3 years ago#7
did you try booting to a linux live CD then transfering the files you need to an external?
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3 years ago#8
Have never used linux. also don't have an external. I guess i have to buy external drive and figure something out with it.

But it bothers me that the software doesn't see the file format, it shouldn't be like that. Is it just because it might be different file format? my windows sees my USB stick which is fat 32...
Or is it because of a problem in XP?
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