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Are there any decent co-op turn-based RPG PC games out there?

#1zxelmanPosted 8/25/2013 8:59:14 AM
Make sure you read all that. Co-op, turn-based, RPG, for the PC. I'm just curious. I've tried one game that's pretty much all that (can't remember what it was called, but it was pretty close to the word nostalgia), but my friends didn't stick with it.

Atlantica was a bit hard to get into.
#2zxelman(Topic Creator)Posted 8/25/2013 9:54:31 AM
I found Divinity - Original Sin which looks like a lot of fun. Not out yet but sounds really good.
#3ChromaticAngelPosted 8/25/2013 10:49:40 AM
Divinity Original Sin is the only one I can think of. Turn based games usually don't have co op
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#4YombieePosted 8/25/2013 10:58:47 AM
I too am looking for a co-op turnbased rpg pc exclusive gaming experience, but with a blind protagonist and features only non humanoid races based in a futuristic post apocalyptic setting with vehicular combat and no guns or magic, oh and zombies.