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Why are my firefox downloads running so slow?

#1AzurexNightmarePosted 8/25/2013 10:59:03 AM
Its not my internet because my internet downloads about 3mbps. This is on my ps3, my android, and my pc when downloading with programs outside of firefox.

But this firefox download of a 2GB file is running at about .5mbps (point.five not five) or less.

What's making it so slow?

It's the only thing i am DLing at the moment and this pc is the only thing hooked to the internet right now. I finished a 2gb file (outside of the browser, using a program) in like 20-30 minutes this morning.
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#2lionheart5656Posted 8/25/2013 11:11:09 AM
Sounds like you're downloading porn and the host is limiting your dl speed so that you will buy a premium account.

That's what I've read on the internet anyway.

I wouldn't know.
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#3LordSeiferPosted 8/25/2013 11:16:55 AM
its pretty confusing what you even mean when you say .5mbps

but anyway, try and download the same file in chrome or IE, same speed? ok then the problem isnt firefox
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#4AzurexNightmare(Topic Creator)Posted 8/25/2013 2:31:29 PM
Despite the fact that it wasn't porn (surprisingly) i was being restricted by the website haha

thanks guys
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