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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#11
Port? With Counterstrike? Perhaps if you're some kind of country bumpkin.
I find a good Pinot Noir red much more palatable for performing virtual terror/counter terror actions in an online competitive manner.
Want that Shield!
Ball and Cup on ps mobile has framerate issues. -stargazer64

User Info: sonicteam2k1

3 years ago#12
Osiris gaming here
See The Game Collection

User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#13
jokujokujoku posted...
g7g7g7g7 posted...
That is why I put on a tuxedo and drink port whilst playing counterstrike.

Tuxedo with port? More like pretentious gaming. Three-piece suit with scotch is where it's at.

I would need to wear my kilt whilst drinking whisky and its a bit breezy today.
You never see people quoting each other in sigs anymore. - Adam Laz

User Info: 0cu_87

3 years ago#14
Taking a look at the success of this year's gamescom, I tell ya, the whole scene is becoming more and more "casual". Years ago people were suspicious of you if you told em you are a "gamer".

User Info: SirisS-G-P

3 years ago#15
sonicteam2k1 posted...
Osiris gaming here

I love those shoes. Osiris makes the best skate shoes.
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