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Is there a difference between a typical Dell mouse and a Razer DeathAdder ?

#11datopgamerPosted 8/25/2013 8:34:46 PM
had a deathadder for over 3 years and would recommend it over any mouse. I've only tried a g500 and a few other logitech mice and found the deathadder to be more comfortable and more responsive.
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#12Cool_Dude667Posted 8/25/2013 8:39:03 PM
G400 or bust
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#13NingishzidaPosted 8/25/2013 10:20:29 PM(edited)
housefishisback posted...
I've had my deathadder for about 6 months, awesome mouse, time will tell if it is poorly built

6 months is about the limit if you're a hardcore gamer, they're cheaply built and have a wide array of annoying problems

there's a reason there a more youtube vids dedicated to fixing your Deathadder/Razer products than any other

after short while of intense use, they just fail

zero alpha posted...
I've had the same DeathAdder for around 3 years and really haven't had any problems.

i'm very picky, i don't like clunky or squeaky and innacurate scroll wheels, i don't like sticky lopsided buttons that trigger more than once when i hit them once only etc

you're probably either very lucky, or the most exercise your adder gets is facebook and twitter navigation

EDIT- imo, the only thing they got right is the form factor, it feels very comfortable in the hand, though prob not for some1 without man's hands. pity you need 3 for spare parts to keep one going for a year or so.
#14BlueRamzaPosted 8/25/2013 10:41:33 PM
Depends if faster mouse response time is worth it to you. Do you like having to push the mouse further to get where you want to go? Do you like have extra macro buttons so you can do more with a single press of a button?

Yes, there is a difference. That's like asking if it is worth it to have a gaming keyboard vs a regular one. Unless, you don't play PC games for which then a regular mouse would be a better 'value,' since you wouldn't need faster response time for just surfing the web.
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#15BlueRamzaPosted 8/25/2013 10:44:16 PM
Oh, and my Razor is at least 3 years old. The cord is frayed from use, but it still works great.
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#16GarquillPosted 8/26/2013 5:26:34 AM
the accuracy difference is notable, and certain gaming mice tend to be more comfortable, though this depends on your hand and how you hold it

most gaming mice are basically equivalent to a cheap $8 mouse because of laser or acceleration problems though

here's the top tier mice currently available, in terms of sensor quality

Zowie EC1 evo
Zowie EC2 evo
Zowie AM
Zowie FK
Logitech G400 / G400s
Razer Deathadder
Razer Abyssus
Roccat Savu
CM Storm Spawn
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#17SlaynPosted 8/26/2013 5:29:40 AM
Monkeymage posted...
LEDs and DPI.

Razer products suck though, you should get a Logitech G400

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#18x_stevey_xPosted 8/26/2013 5:43:26 AM
the biggest benefits to more expensive mice are side buttons imo.. also on the fly dpi switching/higher dpi settings and better sensors. check out the cm xornet . it's 20 bucks and has 2 side buttons, on the fly dpi switching, and a great but not perfect sensor.. and you don't have to overspend 50 bucks on a g400 or deathadder .

the absolute most important thing when picking out a mouse though is that it's comfortable and fits your grip. so i would recommend trying them out in store before you made a purchase.
#19thatfool12GsPosted 8/26/2013 5:48:20 AM
pelon213 posted...
I bought a Deathadder but mainly for the x-tra buttons. I don't see much of a difference besides the buttons. The glowing blue light is cool though.

Yeah, glowing blue logo is awesome. Too bad mine literally works when it feels like it.
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#20PraetorXynPosted 8/26/2013 7:44:59 AM
The DeathAdder has a perfect sensor in that it has no acceleration, no prediction, and has a high perfect control speed. The problem is Razer's build quality is s***.

Get a Logitech G400S. It also has a perfect sensor, but much better software and more buttons, and will last you more than 6 months.

Your typical Dell optical mouse most likely has acceleration built in and some form of prediction, among other things.

If you play with Mouse Acceleration on, the only benefit the G400 would give you would be extra buttons, as you aren't using mice at settings which allow you to be objective and probably wouldn't notice acceleration built in anyway.
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