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King of Fighters MOBA?

#31SlaynPosted 8/27/2013 4:18:05 AM
Pauken posted...
I hate how MOBAs are now more popular than RTS games, the genre that spawned those abominations. DotA2 is fine due to Steam allowing 2 friends to play together with a whole bunch of bots, thus avoiding the toxic community altogether, but it's kinda out of hand when every franchise is getting a MOBA. Much worse than FPS spam due to how FPSs can have good communities (sometimes), but I've yet to see a MOBA that's not filled with jackasses.

I'm sure a lot of people like me are also depressed from the fact that there will likely never be another RTS game of such uniqueness as Age of Empires or Dawn of War 1..or even Battle for Middle Earth 2 (oh how I would love to see that game get released on Steam; to this day it remains one of the only RTS games with a dynamic strategic campaign that supports Multiplayer and didn't require playing the game online to do map campaigns, which made it awesome for LAN matches due to the fact that each battle made a difference in an overarching campaign; too bad EA published it, and that it's a licensed title and thus will likely never be rereleased :/ ). I guess the industry has changed to liking money more than making unique fun games :(

As a MOBA player, I can admit, MOBA is more attractive because it is dumbed down. You control one unit, not 200. I could not play RTS in a multi player setting and be competitive at all. I used to watch tournaments and stuff, and they blow me away how good they are. I am terrible at RTS.
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