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I miss the old days of PC games **Nostalgia Thread Warning**

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User Info: CommonJoe

3 years ago#11
VeryDarkSoul posted...
El_Kaz posted...
VeryDarkSoul posted...
So uh enjoy your SimCity 5, Call of Duty... (1,2,3,4,4-2,4-3,WaW,BO,BO2,GHOST) and Dragon Age 3!

Ah yes, the usual "today's games are s***" rant that is based on nothing but Top 10 sellers AAA titles.

care to share some great modern games? I can name torchlight 2 for one, even though the story is skip material. Gameplay and art style are great though.

DayZ (and ARMA2 for that matter)
LockOn: FC2
DCS World
Mount and Blade
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Just Cause 2
Every Assassin's Creed
COD4 (It is a good game, regardless of its many successors)
EVE Online
World in Conflict
Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2. Lets revitalize this game eh?

User Info: SirisS-G-P

3 years ago#12
CommonJoe posted...
TC claims to miss old day sof PC games, says this:

VeryDarkSoul posted...
almost everything. Seriously. PC gaming just stresses me out. Finding out what causes a crash, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling multiple drivers multiple times to troubleshoot things, having to wait a month for a patch to fix a gamebreaking bug/glitch/crash.

A game running stupidly slow for absolutely no reason, newer versions of Windows not supporting the older games, ginormous patch updates for mmos that take hours to download (and if I get lucky the patch bugs out and I have to reinstall the entire 6-7gb game), wrist pain from using mouse + kb in games that absolutely require it, etc etc etc

I was going to post this.

User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#13
I remember going to the "software store" and renting PC games. Which, of course, I made copies of and if the game included some type of weird disk spin thingy as copy protection I'd reproduce that too.

Ah, good times.
well I am not like your dad. I worked as a chef at TGIF-Mattson

User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#14
We have Euro Truck Simulator 2 now. PC gaming is as good as it has ever been.
Every time you point out that something is an opinion Jesus shoots a kitten in the face.
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