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Old PC games you wish were on Steam, but for whatever reason aren't

#91GyrospeckPosted 8/27/2013 9:23:56 AM
Dungeon Keeper
#92walrusxPosted 8/27/2013 9:37:50 AM
#93fiasco86Posted 8/27/2013 9:39:08 AM
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns.
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#94DexterTheThirdPosted 8/27/2013 10:00:08 AM
I got a new one: Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.
One of my childhood favorites. Maybe it explains why I like Professor Layton today.

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#95The Orange CowPosted 8/27/2013 10:04:23 AM
The Neverhood
#96Sergei_DukanovPosted 8/27/2013 10:15:15 AM
generals and general zero hour. I just dont feel like buying them on origin since I dont use it for much
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#97MarceloSampaioPosted 8/27/2013 10:21:43 AM
Knight2520 posted...
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sauruschamp1 posted...
[cough] [cough]

I can't use GOG, so I would love if the GOG games came to Steam.

GOG doesn't accept Brazilian credit cards, while Steam does.

GOG said that they have no plans to change this...

GOG also accepts Paypal...

Paypal also doesn't accept Brazilian credit cards.
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#98tatm21Posted 8/27/2013 10:26:58 AM
KillerTruffle posted...
Giants: Citizen Kabuto

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#99ShadowBanjoPosted 8/27/2013 10:27:21 AM
DarkSaber2k posted...
YoungAdultLink posted...
Aorokusho posted...
System Shock 1. Although I've heard the reason for it not appearing on Steam is because the source code is supposedly lost

But System Shock 1 is free. It doesn't need to be on steam <.<

It's only free until some lazy penny pincher nicks a load of community patchs, figures out a way to get it on Steam and charge us 6.99 for it.

Somebody already nicked a load of community patches and put them together into an easy-to-set-up package, and it's free. I doubt that will ever happen.

It would be neat to see The Movies get on Steam, that was a good game.
#100GriffinHeartPosted 8/27/2013 10:27:29 AM
The Homeworld games, and Age of Mythology (not that old, but still).
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