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Any word on the HD8000/9000 series yet?

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3 years ago#1
I'm about to buy a GTX 780, just wanted to make sure I'm not buying it just as something else might come out.
3 years ago#2

There is probably newer information too. Can always use Google, Bing, Ducks, whatever. Just look up 9970 or AMD "Hawaii". Can you wait until September/October?
3 years ago#3
The thing is that with GPU there are new cards coming every 3 months or so, between two different manufacturers and all their refreshes. So OK you wait a few months and the new AMD cards come out, they will be expensive at the full MSRP, so you wait a month... then they announce a new Nvidia GPU, a refresh on the 700 series, a 760ti or 770 boost or whatever. 75% of the cost of the current GPU at 90% of the performance. So you wait a month for the price to go down, and AMD announces a refresh on HD8000 series. Then you wait another month, and the Nvidia 800 series comes. Then the H8000 refresh.

Just upgrade when you:

1. Have the need ( your card is underperforming for a new game )
2. You also have the money ( don't "plan" on buying a card in a month or two when you can )

Just pull the trigger if you find a good deal. Never pay full MSRP for a card. If a brand new card comes out for $500, wait a month for a good $400-450 sale.
#1 LoL Poster NA:
3 years ago#4
Thing is, I'm selling my old computer to a friend on the 31st, including the HD5870 I am currently using in my new computer. I can run off integrated until I get a new GPU, but October seems like a long wait. The potentially stronger than 780 performance for $550-600 sounds nice, but I might just get a 780 now so I don't have to wait 1-2 months.
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