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Currently trying to catch back up with PC gaming. What is the best looking game?

#1m0986-8Posted 8/27/2013 7:09:38 AM
This includes games that have not released yet but look as if they could take the throne. Is it BF3 or Crysis 3? Or something else I am not aware of
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#2Ch3wyPosted 8/27/2013 7:10:50 AM
Yeah it's Crysis 3. Metro: Last Light is good as well.
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#3MahoganyTooth92Posted 8/27/2013 7:11:49 AM(edited)
Skyrim with mods maybe? I don't keep up on this end.
Metro:Last Light is supposed to be really good looking too, seconded.
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#4NicodimusPosted 8/27/2013 7:13:39 AM
Minecraft w/ the Lego texture pack.
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#5The_Count_FooPosted 8/27/2013 7:38:40 AM
Splinter cell blacklist looks awesome and doesn't take a super high end pc to run on ultra.
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#6AlleRacingPosted 8/27/2013 7:55:22 AM
Crysis 3, easily.
#7kingkeith9Posted 8/27/2013 8:00:09 AM
Crysis 3 by miles