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How Many Case Fans Do You Have in Your Desktop?

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3 years ago#41
140mm top out
120mm front in
120mm lower-side in
(120mm CM hyper evo 212 plus)

This setup seems to be working best for my case and guts, fx-6300 @ 4ghz 35c idle/47c load, gtx 660 35c idle/72c load, all three harddrivers 35c all the time
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-AMD fx-6300 @ 4ghz, 4gb ram, palit geforce gtx 660, win7 Ultimate, chieftech 500w, 19" 1440x900-
3 years ago#42
5 at the moment, 2 intake and 3 outtakes (is that a word)

Can't remember the exact sizes though.
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3 years ago#43
the one I'm currently using.

Case 1: 2

1 120mm front intake
1 120mm back exhaust

the new one

Case 2: 3

1 140mm intake at the bottom
1 140mm exhaust at the back
1 140mm for the drive bays

2 more if you count the 2 120mm fans I have through the radiator for my cpu cooler as exhaust through the top.

need to figure out airflow on case 2 and re do it proper but I don't have a gpu for it yet so I'm waiting for that.
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3 years ago#44
i have 4 fans

3 x 180mm fans at the base of my pc
1 x 120mm fan at the top of my pc above the cpu
3 years ago#45
3, only 1 still works perfectly, and 1 half works, the third is completely stalled.

I am really lazy though....

Hasn't stopped me from overclocking.
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