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Hope you all purchased Lords of Shadow ( best ARPG ever made)

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3 years ago#51
From: GwynsSonSolaire | #046
no offense, but your pictures look like ****

Saying "no offense" before you insult someone does not make it OK.

"No offense but this topic sucks".
3 years ago#52
AnatomyHorror posted...
Post a picture then.

And yes, max everything. Game does not have that great of textures. I really don't even believe your game looks much better.

iirc the game uses fxaa, which is why the pictures look iffy, I really dislike fxaa so I'll be forcing AA through Nvidia most likely
3 years ago#53
Yeah I tried forcing MSAA and SSAA with CCC, and in usual AMD fashion it made all the textures black and the game unplayable.
3 years ago#54
TC is still better than retroxgamer
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3 years ago#55
Robtcee13 posted...
I'm here to complain that Lords of Shadow doesn't play anything like a Castlevania game but I'll still play it because it looks fun. I'm just going to pretend it has nothing to do with Castlevania.

If you are going to make a ridiculous statement like this at least get it right.

It doesn't play like a Metroidvania. That is what you should have said.

As a fan of both classic CV and the Metroidvania style this game was definitely one of the top games for me when it came out.

Anatomy pretty much laid out my feelings on it. The people who hate on it are mostly SotN fans.

Go play the original CV's. They are hack and slash game in an 8-bit costume. It fits perfectly with what those games aimed for in terms of game play.

The graphics are great for console. The story is stellar. The pacing is great. The combat is solid. The environments are great.

Metroidvanias are fun, but why does a little change rustle so many people up? LoS does a great justice to the series in terms of 3D game play. - Super Bowl XLVI Champions - NY Giants
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3 years ago#56
^ Good post. I share a lot of the same views as you, I posted'em a page back. This is more classic CV style than metroidvania. I honestly don't think they could have done a better job of transitioning the classic 2D CV formula to a 3D plane. It's just exactly or atleast close to an old school Castlevania experience but in 3D.
3 years ago#57
Not an action RPG

good game though
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3 years ago#58
blakegalloway posted...
GwynsSonSolaire posted...
The story is excellent and may even make you guys shed bloody tears

That sounds turrible.

Bloody Tears is a Castlevania 2 song. One of the most popular ones at that.
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3 years ago#59
Nicodimus posted...
How the hell is a GOW clone with a Castlevania skin the "best ARPG ever made?" It's just an action game, and not a very good one, honestly.

Castlevania did 3D based whip style combat before GOW...
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3 years ago#60
sonicteam2k1 posted...
Castlevania did 3D based whip style combat before GOW...

Yep, 2 games on N64.
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