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Slingbox question.

#1BizzyBrm27Posted 8/27/2013 6:32:06 PM
So I've been using Slingbox since I watch sports at work on my phone. I don't have a secondary LCD TV at home so I just stream Slingbox to my monitor. Problem is the quality is 8500kbps (I max at 10mb/s but I have 2 others using the wifi so it adds a bunch of slowtime thanks to the huge upload to Netflix's server), which is fine if I wasn't doing anything else on the internet.

So here's my question, my Slingbox is directly connected to my 10/100/1000 router. Is there ANY way to be able to stream Slingbox through the direct ethernet connection or am I stuck using up all my upload speed, and slow down everything, and having to stream through Slingbox's web client?

Yeah I will be getting a little widescreen tv with builtin speakers soon, I'm just wondering if it's possible. The Slingbox is connected directly to a 100/1000 router I'd love for it to have a direct connection.