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Is Analogue: A Hate Story worth playing?

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User Info: harcoreblazer

3 years ago#1
I like games with good stories.

Also, does it have any kind of romance? And if it does, does it get in the way of the story?.
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User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
3 years ago#2
Well, there's a demo on Steam if that'll help sway you. I haven't played it myself though, neither the full game nor its demo. I see it has a sequel now on Steam.
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User Info: Incendia_Intus

3 years ago#3
I found it pretty interesting. It was definitely worth a playthrough. Romance is there, but feels sort of like it's forced and like an afterthought. Just my opinion. Either way, I found the game to be worth playing.
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User Info: farigonti

3 years ago#4
Max Payne
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