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Looking for an oldschool RPG, either indie or old

#1LocqlynnPosted 8/28/2013 3:31:51 AM
I'm needing something to play, I'm looking for an older game or an indie type game that is an rpg.

Something like quest for glory, or wizardry or might and magic... I don't know,

is there anything in the indie market thats like that right now?

thanks guys
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#2SlaynPosted 8/28/2013 3:34:21 AM
Dragon Age: Origins
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#3FeatherwindPosted 8/28/2013 3:40:53 AM
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#4Locqlynn(Topic Creator)Posted 8/28/2013 3:43:21 AM
dragon age?? .... no

I've never played any of the exile games
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#5Lonestar2000Posted 8/28/2013 3:57:17 AM
Mars: War Logs
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#6FeatherwindPosted 8/28/2013 4:05:09 AM
Locqlynn posted...
I've never played any of the exile games

Well try playing them then. The Exile games are older while the first three Avernum games are remakes of the Exile games. For example Avernum 3 is a remake of Exile 3 and so on. You could start from Avernum 1. Avernum 4-6 are a new trilogy and they aren't remakes of older games.

The guy who makes them also has made a ton of other turn-based RPGs. The Spiderweb Software games have really good demo versions so you could maybe try them out and see if you like them. The only game I can really recommend is Avernum 3 and every other game I played was mediocre but some like them.
#7snesmaster40Posted 8/28/2013 5:55:00 AM
You might like the games in this bundle:
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#8SinfullyvannilaPosted 8/28/2013 6:03:33 AM
Darklands or Realms of Arkania 1+2 on GOG.

Avernum is also really good, so is Genefore, also by Spiderweb Software.
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#9SinisterSlayPosted 8/28/2013 6:06:30 AM
Cthulhu Saves the World is pretty good.

I got it for 50 cents on the summer sale and got lots of hours into it so far.
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#10RequiemPosted 8/28/2013 6:09:36 AM
Didn't they just release a new M&M game?
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