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Clean fresh install of Java and viruses

#1BlackmonPosted 8/28/2013 11:23:00 AM
Hello Everyone,

I decided to run an Avast boot scan of my computer this morning. It scanned all of my drives and after the scan, it detected and deleted 10 viruses. All the viruses were from the Java folder.

So I decided to uninstall Java and install a fresh one. I also decided to install Noscript. After installing Java, I went ahead and checked to see if I have the latest version since I have not updated my Java version for a long time now. It keeps asking to update but whenever I allow it, it doesn't do anything.

Now, whenever I check for version of Java it says it cannot verify my Java version. Mozilla firefox says that Java Deployment tool Kit 7 is known to be vulnerable so it disabled it. Should I enable it? I'm trying to prevent this computer from getting anymore viruses if I can.

Thank you.