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Anyone looking forward to Hegemony Rome? (Feb 2014)

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3 years ago#1

I don't think it's 10/10 hype, especially since they've shown only two trailers and both are a year old. But still, this could be a cool game, and especially serve as a nice complement to Total War Rome II. In September we can experience the Punic Wars, then later in the spring we can flash forward a century in time and play the Gallic Wars. At least, I don't think TWRII is gonna have the Gallic Wars.

-Direct from the hand of Caesar – Four campaigns follow the conquests of Julius Caesar as he wrote them in Commentarii de Bello Gallico. Bridge the Rhine, invade Britannia and conquer the Gauls in over 100 objectives or choose from over 20 factions in the epic sandbox mode.

-All new map – Explore over one million square kilometers that are seamlessly zoom-able, from the Mediterranean coast to the shores of Britannia.

-Improved graphics engine – Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar supports 10x the terrain detail over previous installments and features a diverse and immersive landscape to explore.

-Build an empire – The construction system allows players to build forts, walls, and bridges at thousands of sites across the map to cement Roman control over the barbarian kingdoms.

-Promote your legions –Players can train officers to augment their unit’s skills as well as appoint governors and construct buildings to expand and improve their cities.

-Starve your enemies – supply camps and logistics system makes sieges and supply lines more intuitive and more important than ever.
3 years ago#2
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  3. Anyone looking forward to Hegemony Rome? (Feb 2014)

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