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Looking to get my first gaming laptop under $2000

#21kortez1Posted 8/29/2013 11:00:42 PM
TimePharaoh posted...
Nope. Playing games on a laptop=/=gaming laptop. Not sure why this is such a hard concept for you laptop gamers to understand.

First off I'm not a laptop gamer. I have a desktop for that but you probably wouldn't consider the specs I have a "gaming" rig since you seem to only think a desktop with sli 880s qualifies as gaming. I have a 1090t/7950...but I assume this isn't a gaming rig, right?

Enlighten us as to what gaming performance is required to consider it a gaming rig. What you guys who spew this uninformed muck don't understand is that "gaming" is a subjective term. To me if most recent games can be played at max or close to max settings in 1080p at 40+ fps, then I'd consider it a gaming rig. My desktop falls under this category though I'm sure the 1090t is a red flag for you and of course the 7950 is not near the most high end gpu out right now.

I don't believe anyone has a right to make such absolute statements when there is no definitive way to measure what makes a rig a gaming rig.