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looking for good gaming mechanical keyboard with usb ports?

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3 years ago#1
I want to retire my zboard. it's getting old even thou it still works just fine. looking for a replacement keyboard. Something thats mechanical and has powered usb ports if possible, at least 2 like how my zboard has but zboard usb is 1.0 and not powered? usb 3.0 would be a bonus.
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3 years ago#2
Any idea what kind of switch you want? I'm partial to blues and browns.

EDIT: Here's a guide to switch types if you need information:
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3 years ago#3
Good is far too vague a term.

Are you looking for backlighting? Any number of keyboards.
Are you looking for the ONLY backlit keyboard where the lettering will NEVER rub off? Get a Deck Legend.
Are you looking for Costar stabilizers? Most keyboards use Cherry, but the Deck Legend has Costar.
Are you looking for macro keys? Best bet is probably the Corsair K95
What color switches do you want?

If you're OK not having backlighting and Macro keys, you have a LOT more options. Das makes great keyboards, as does Filco, Leopold, TGS Electronics (Deck's parent company), etc.
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3 years ago#4
backlighting isn't necessary.
Keyboard needs to have volume up and down and media keys. (like play,pause ect) also have some extra keys for calculator and stuff like that.
2 or more usb plugs so i can plug in my mouse in my keyboard and have a extra for extra devices.
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3 years ago#5
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3 years ago#6
Incendia_Intus posted...

A lot cheaper here right now if you want blues:
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3 years ago#7
Das Model S fits your criteria, and comes in Blue, Brown, and Red.

Here you can hear what the different switches sound like. Blues make me cringe.

This will help deciding between switches.
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3 years ago#8
Get a corsair k70
3 years ago#9
Thanks for your suggestions ill look into both of them. Kinda expensive. Gotta start saving i guess wait for sale. corsair k70 seems like it has only one usb but looks like a better keyboard wile the Das keyboard has 2 usb plugs but doesn't have a calculator bottom and the media keys make you do an extra step to be used. Both of them use 2 usb to be plugged in the computer maybe because they have powered usb ports.
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3 years ago#10
Honestly, you aren't going to find a "good" keyboard with one-touch media keys.
I don't believe there's a mechanical keyboard in existence that has them.
But you can add whatever keys you need to ANY keyboard by using AutoHotKey.

The Deck Legend doesn't have media keys, so I use an AutoHotKey script to make:
Arrow Up - Stop
Arrow Down - Play/Pause
Arrow Left - Previous Track/Rewind
Arrow Right - Next Track/Fast Foward
F10 - Mute
F11 - Volume DOwn
F12 - Volume Up

When a specific modifier key is held.

The Das Model S line are probably much better build-quality-wise than the Corsair keyboards, as Das have been making high quality mechanical keyboards for a very long time, and Corsair just started a few years ago. You'll also get more choices in switch type with Das - Blue, Brown, or Red, whereas I believe Corsair keyboards only come in Reds, and they're working on a version with Browns. I would avoid Blues anyway if I were you.

Blues are objectively the worst switch for gaming because the point of release is quite a bit higher than the point of actuation, so to press the key twice in succession, you basically have to fully release it to press it a second time. Top it off with the fact that Blue switches are so loud that any sleping people will wake up and proceed to kick your ass in all likelihood, and I think that's reason enough to avoid them.

Browns are the "middle of the road" switch; they have a tactile bump and click, i.e. when you depress the key, you will feel resistance and then hear a click when the switch activates, so you can train yourself to avoid bottoming out the keys and increase typing speed.

Reds are linear switches, so you feel no resistance on the way down and the only tactile bump you get is by bottoming out. THey're extremely light keys though so that's pretty easy.

Blacks are Reds that are harder to press (it's not that they're hard ot pres, they aren't much harder than regular keys, but Reds are very light).

Clears are Browns that are harder to press.

The Deck Legend only comes in Black and Clear types, and I have it in Black.
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