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Do you plan on buying a PS4 or Xbox One?

#21greekgamerPosted 8/30/2013 8:09:45 PM(edited)
im just buying that xbox one controller. as long as it works on pc with the extra rumble im happy.
but maybe later on if there is a good sale ill pick the better one up some years later after some mega deal sale.
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#22codyorrPosted 8/31/2013 4:56:43 AM
Neither. The controllers don't mix well with my nerve damaged hands.
#23Flaktrooper123Posted 8/31/2013 5:07:06 AM
Can't say yet, because I am building a new PC soon to replace my old prebuilt.
#24ShpooplePosted 8/31/2013 5:52:23 AM
Still haven't got round to getting a PS3 to try out all the JRPGs and exclusives I missed out on so that'll be first. By mid next year I'll probably get the X1 to play with some friends (I assume they'll stick with xbox) but if not then definitely the controller for PC.

Will surely end up with both before the generations up, no reason not to seeing as I have a job and aren't an elitist *******.
#25Bossdog421Posted 8/31/2013 6:04:34 AM
Would have gotta PS4 if they didnt put up a paywall for online.

It's why i couldnt stick with the 360.

I'm good with PC, Handhelds and WiiU this gen.
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#26I_I_I_IPosted 8/31/2013 7:08:14 AM
Wii U and 3DS for me.

Maybe a PS4 in about a decade, but I'm not too confident in that.
#27Ikari GendoPosted 8/31/2013 8:23:40 AM
I'm probably going to get an xbone at some point in the future. I may be in the minority about this, but I actually kinda want the whole "media center" aspect of it along with some exclusives.
#28thetruth928Posted 8/31/2013 8:42:42 AM
codyorr posted
Neither. The controllers don't mix well with my nerve damaged hands.

This i doubt i'll be able to play any games for a while due to having tendon transfer surgery in November or .December. Damn you type 1 diabetes. Suck's being right handed.
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#29maybecallsPosted 8/31/2013 8:46:25 AM
Definitely neither. I'm too old and weary for such nonsense.
#30bsballa09Posted 8/31/2013 8:54:58 AM
PS4. It's incredibly stupid for people not to have at least one console (PS4 preferably for PC owners).
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