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The Great GameFAQs Character Battle.....what is the point?

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User Info: wwarren19

3 years ago#1
i vote but i don't but know why(kinda like the US elections).
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User Info: ThePonyCollie

3 years ago#2
Useless battle.
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User Info: Shub

3 years ago#3
Voting is pointless, but it's a GameFAQs tradition.
Entering your own bracket for prizes is the point.
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User Info: Maiken100

3 years ago#4
It's a bit of fun, I guess.

User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#5
I like the random polls, sometimes. When the character battle comes, its just a vacation from the polls. I completely and utterly ignore them. There is no point and they're not fun.

User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#6
I always forget to vote because I bookmark directly to PCH.

User Info: TheChiefWhip

3 years ago#7
It gives the Nintendog's lives meaning.

User Info: ForeverZero2

3 years ago#8
it just a popularity contest really, no one cares how good the characters are

User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#9
Its fun but i didnt enter any bracket since i dont know half of those characters.
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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#10
To fill a 3 month gap while they come up with more actual polls for the rest of the year.'d be one thing if it lasted a couple weeks, but it's been going for actual months now.
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