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What's your opinion on this computer?

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3 years ago#11
MasterDonGero posted...
I seriously don't recommend HP for laptops.

This. Their software is crap and the hardware is just as bad. The software you can fix but there's not much you can do for something that runs so hot it burns your lap or warps its own shell.
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3 years ago#12
ipwnu713 posted...

An AMD APU would be better for gaming.

The graphic card is better then both my computer and the one I'm looking at. But the CPU isn't as good as the one i'm looking at.

Would paying $30 more be worth having a better graphics card?

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3 years ago#13
Shub posted...
What do you hope to do on this computer? Be specific.

Well, I want a computer with a much better graphics card. But at the same time, I want a CPU that is an improvement over my computer.

What I'm going to be doing on my computer:
Basic gaming-whatever resolution I can at high settings (The last big game I played was Halo: CE at max settings while playing at 1280x720. My max resolution is 1600x900.) It's an old game, but I'm not expecting to play the latest and greatest.
Video chatting in HD
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3 years ago#14
My computer sucks at playing movies. The color is washed out and the contrast ratio can bite my ass. I actually stick to watching movies on my iPod Touch 5th generation just because it has a better screen.
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