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Classic Shell or Start 8?

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3 years ago#11
I've used both. Start8 is superior, but it's also five bucks. It has both a W7 start menu style, as well as one that's designed to go along with W8. Setup is simple although there's quite a few options. Stardock has been in the interface business almost exclusively for quite some time. All of their products are very solid.

That said there really isn't much wrong with Classic Shell either.
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3 years ago#12
Neither. I got used to classic Windows 8 in an hour. It's really not bad at all.
3 years ago#13
Startisback, the best W7 start menu replica. I don't mind metro but I don't really use it, so might as well just have a regular start menu.
3 years ago#14
I use Pokki
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3 years ago#15
Enigma149 posted...
Try Pokki. I like it much better than the start menu in Windows 7, and it's just as, if not more, functional (unlike the Start Screen).

Of course, you might want to try waiting for 8.1 to release, just to be safe.

8.1 only adds a start BUTTON. The button still takes you to the metro screen...
3 years ago#16
Knighted Dragon posted...
Other : Windows 7
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3 years ago#17
2Dhas_a_MIGRANE posted...
Wow you deleted that fast.

Also, Classic Shell cause it's the one I've used.

Yeah I keep forgetting that I have to preview before posting or the poll doesn't show up.

I'd install 7, but I don't know if Dreamspark Premium can get me more than one copy. If it doesn't, I need to save it.

And I don't like the new start screen. I'm scared of change guys.
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3 years ago#18
I like Start Menu Reviver.

It's free and kind of splits the difference between "Classic Shell is old and creaky like XP" and "ZOMG Metro is teh suck."

I like the default Modern menu on my table, but I don't really care for it on the desktop. Maybe if MS built in functionality that allows the Modern UI to work with an Xbox controller without a third party app they'd have something useful for tablets and HTPCs.
3 years ago#19
Knighted Dragon posted...
Other : Windows 7 | |
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