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console vs pc graphics can anyone show me a good video?

#1GalaticGodPosted 8/31/2013 7:55:36 PM
i havnt seen one yet that i could tell the difference, if is from a recent game the better. thanks/
#2AltmadragonPosted 8/31/2013 8:00:22 PM
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#3NicodimusPosted 8/31/2013 8:14:59 PM(edited)
The same game running at 1440p @60fps and 720p @30fps will look virtually identical on youtube, blip, or pretty much any other common video site. You won't see the full difference in a video online. It's like the have to see it for yourself.
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#4GalaticGod(Topic Creator)Posted 8/31/2013 8:15:31 PM
the matrix haha ok i feel you guys.
#5Lemur_HPosted 8/31/2013 8:20:21 PM
Video just doesn't do it. It's a combination of actually experiencing the clarity in person, the incredibly low latency responsiveness of the game, and the framerate. Most video services are capped at 30 FPS and then it is compressed to hell. Detail will be lost.
#6AMDZFanPosted 8/31/2013 8:20:44 PM
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#7claytonbuckleyPosted 8/31/2013 8:28:46 PM
I remember a while ago there were some good Witcher 2 comparison videos. Best ones were done by CDPR though so both looked kinda great.
#8iscareu13Posted 8/31/2013 8:39:03 PM
Hurry! Someone post the infamous GTA IV comparison image!
#9paramite12Posted 8/31/2013 8:42:27 PM

Here's a good crysis one.
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#10DerPancakePosted 8/31/2013 9:07:24 PM
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