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Is my first build any good?

#21ATARIJAWAPosted 9/2/2013 2:39:18 AM
Fade2black001 posted...
d209999 posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
If TC has this kind of money to spend he may as well go with 16GB of RAM. 8GB isn't enough really. I used up my 8GB of RAM many times just by multitasking. I got 5GB of RAM used up right now... Its not hard to use 8GB of RAM.

Considering your posting history, if TC ever finds himself in a situation where is computing habits are similar to yours, he is doing something very, very wrong.

What are you talking about?

Probably your 8000 posts where you can't get a game to run or a piece of hardware to work.
Gamefaqs game rating system : 10 = Best Game Ever. 8-9. Crushing dissapointment. Below 8 :Total Garbage. This is getting ridiculous. people agreeing so far 105