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Samsung np350v5c problem with turning on?

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  3. Samsung np350v5c problem with turning on?
2 years ago#1
Bought Samsung np350v5c some 25days ago. Turned it off last night as usual and this morning when i tried to turn it on, nothing happens at all as in at all. I pressed the power button i hear no fan or hard drive beep, just a blue light for power for about 4 secs and then it goes off by itself. Battery was fully charged last night as what i remember but today nothing. Anyone has any idea what went wrong over night? I still have the warranty but wanna try quick fix myself instead of driving a long way to the shop.

2 years ago#2
Take the battery out and plug in the charger and see if it turns on. Might be a problem with the battery
2 years ago#3
Tried that already, didn't turn on & showed the same problem.
2 years ago#4
2 years ago#5
Probably need to get another one. Looks like a problem inside but since you're still under warranty, I wouldn't mess with it.
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  3. Samsung np350v5c problem with turning on?

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