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What's the difference between a video capture kit/unit and software like Fraps?

#21DarkZV2BetaPosted 9/3/2013 1:49:52 AM
Video capture kits can take input from other devices, and capture the entire output video signal. Programs like FRAPS hook the program's DirectX or OpenGL pipeline, which can sometimes cause problems with compatibility, and only record a specific application, as apposed to the entire screen.
They also have to do all of the encoding on the fly on the same hardware that's playing the game, creating a larger performance impact.
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#22dennis941012Posted 9/3/2013 2:19:02 AM
Doesn't 780 include capturing feature?
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#23Voelger(Topic Creator)Posted 9/3/2013 3:41:28 AM
^ no! Nvidia said it would release a program called shadow play in June, which records like a DVr- but nvidia totally dropped the ball and the thing is pretty much indefinitely postponed now.
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