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How does a EVGA GTX760 SC compare to a EVGA GTX670 FTW?

#11NicodimusPosted 9/3/2013 4:37:28 PM
CardigansFan posted...
Nicodimus posted...
GPU Boost 2.0 support, right off the top of my head.

From what I can see, is it just an overclock utility provided by nVidia? If so, how is it different than any other one out now?

It's fully automatic. You perform your overclocks as usual, and then it takes the clock even higher as long as your temps are good.


-My 770 came at 1137 mHz stock on the GPU.

-I overclocked it to 1217 mHz with EVGA Precision.

-When I load up a game or benchmark, GPU Boost 2.0 takes it up to 1333 mHz.
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