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first PC game you remember playing?

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User Info: maybecalls

3 years ago#241
C & C Red Alert 2, which I bought in the same transaction as my first 'proper' PC and monitor in March 2003. I actually thought it looked great, even though it was an old game when I bought it. I was used to playing console games on an ordinary tv set until then.

User Info: NobanO

3 years ago#242
scorch earth
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User Info: Robur1985

3 years ago#243
Does Solitaire count?
If not then I played some crappy mario typing game many years ago.
As for a real game then probably the sims.
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User Info: Dante200X

3 years ago#244
Chip's Challenge is one of the first PC games I can remember...

One day I wish to go back and play that game. I don't think I ever quite beat it but then again I was only like 5?
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User Info: Inertion5

3 years ago#245
Priestess Kikuri-Hime x Chariot Kin-Ki x Fool Loki

User Info: Lord_Gamer_14

3 years ago#246
Age of Mythology
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User Info: heeeee1eeeee

3 years ago#247
Who Need's A SigNaTuRe !

User Info: heeeee1eeeee

3 years ago#248
Starcraft: Brood War!
Who Need's A SigNaTuRe !

User Info: rotate1991

3 years ago#249

User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#250
It was like Jezzball, except it was a puzzle / platformer. I never knew the name because it belonged to a friend I can no longer contact. Sad, cuz I think I'd still enjoy it today.
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