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Question regarding OS install

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2 years ago#1
My wife has a prebuilt PC from Gateway that's quite old and we've slowly upgraded various parts of it. We've finally come to the mobo and cpu upgrade.

I've purchased a new OS and I need to format her current HDD. The reading I've done talks a lot about partitions and such before formatting, yet I'm thinking that's necessary for essentially 'factory restoring' your PC? What would be the best method to prepare her existing HDD for a brand new OS install?
2 years ago#2
by formatting it

creating a separate partition for windows is advised but not required
^ this
2 years ago#3
Ok, thanks. I was told windows 8 has a formatting option when installing under the custom install options. Is it safe for me to format all the old stuff with this method, or do I need to format the drive prior to booting with the new OS to install?
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