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Help with first PC build? Budget is around $800 USD

#11GipFacePosted 9/6/2013 10:44:47 AM
For anything under $1000 I'd rather recommend an FX-6300 build.

That's what I got for $900. Included is an SSD + 4TB storage drive which is a heckuva lot better than going for an i5 and then only getting a 1TB HDD. Radeon 7950 > GTX 760.
#12ECOsvaldoPosted 9/6/2013 11:40:17 AM
Frankzilla posted...
ECOsvaldo posted...
Check this out -

That looks pretty good (I think). I see you're using the 3470, which is considerably less expensive. What kind of performance do you get out of that?

Oh, I was refering to the build in my post, not my sig. The one in my sig, I'm able to get around 60+ fps at High to Ultra settings. But the one in my post will offer you some more power since it will be overclockable.
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