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Anyone know of a PC headset not too expensive that...

#1furygodsPosted 9/4/2013 10:50:34 AM
1) Purchasable online

2) Semi Comfortable = (I'm going to need to use it for long periods of time)

3) When worn, blocks all outside sound = (My brother tends to watch anime and I don't wanna be spoiled on potential anime that I might or might not watch)

4) When worn, nobody outside could hear what I'm listening to = (I wanna play my H games not only late at night but at anytime in the day also! Hidden in plain sight as they say... :3)


1) Be able to Voice chat = (So I won't get booted from the commander seat in Natural Selection 2 ^^)


Thanks in advance.
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#2reincarnator07Posted 9/4/2013 10:58:44 AM
What is your budget? Ill give a recommendation for the steel series 7h
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