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User Info: Buburibon

3 years ago#21
ssayajinandres posted...
Buburibon posted...
My wife says it's broken when using HDMI. It locks the game down to 24fps, without v-sync. It runs at a blazing fast 30fps otherwise. When do console ports ever work out of the box? I honestly can't remember any at the moment. ;-)

It's true... HDMI connections lock the game to 24fps.

Does anyone know how to change the default resolution when not inside the game?

My TV shows a black screen whenever the refresh rate is 24 and the resolution is NOT 1080p by default (which I'm guessing it isn't for this game, since I get the black screen right from the beginning).

You can use the following tool to force 1080p/30hz. It isn't ideal, but sure beats the default upscaled 1080p/24hz through HDMI.
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