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Do I need a new hard drive or is it something more?

#1dwightschrutePosted 9/4/2013 3:03:46 PM
Just about two years ago my computer broke down (I've had it for just about 8 years now); it would start up but the screen would turn to black and wouldn't do anything. Since then I've kept it in storage (though I took the case off the computer to examine the hard drive and haven't put it back yet); however, the other day I hooked it up (without the hard drive in it) and it booted up to the screen that says to reinstall the OS and whatnot (of course, I know you can't do that without a hard drive). When I put the hard drive in, the computer started up but all it went to was the black screen (not that I expected it do much of anything else).

So, would the computer function normally if I just put in a new hard drive? The case has been removed for over a year so I'm not sure if anything else is messed up inside the computer, and I would hate to waste my money on a new hard drive if the computer won't even work properly. Keep in mind I just want to use the computer to do things like schoolwork and watching movies; nothing intense like gaming.
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