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Just got new internet...what do you think about my speed.

#31ZukkusPosted 9/4/2013 7:28:43 PM
I recently moved into an apartment where they give you free internet. I thought it was just some snail-pace internet that was just an added bonus to draw in people. I was wrong.

This is all I've ever wanted in life.
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#32TalksPosted 9/4/2013 7:31:23 PM
I pay $60/mo for 110/5:

absolutely disgusting
#33SleepComaPosted 9/4/2013 7:34:20 PM

Crappy upload.
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#34iDevonPosted 9/4/2013 7:40:59 PM

I used to get ~50/50, idk what happened :(
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#35vidalmorazaPosted 9/4/2013 7:52:45 PM
This is not mine, but here in Mexico they put this service few months ago:

For around $75 per month (with 1 year contract)
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#36xEnraiyaxPosted 9/4/2013 7:53:17 PM

Comcast 25/5
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#37MasterDonGeroPosted 9/4/2013 8:06:28 PM
Not at home, but it's about 50 down, 10 up.
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#38dioxxysPosted 9/4/2013 8:28:56 PM
TiamatKiller posted...

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#39Reaper_MinionPosted 9/4/2013 8:29:03 PM

Overall a decent service, but the routers suck and you can't replace them with something else.

There's a better ISP with a 100/100 service that's slightly more expensive, but they don't cover my exact area yet.
#40SuperemppuPosted 9/4/2013 10:49:07 PM
I have a 24/1 advertised, in reality it's closer to 16/0.5. Ping is fine though, usually in the teens. 40 for this. The upload sucks, otherwise I'm happy with it, there's not been a single downtime in years. Other than my router acting up.
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