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User Info: BorderSkill

3 years ago#11
GipFace posted...
Don't get the i3. An fx-6300 at 4.5ghz will outperform it.

Note that you can get an fx-6300 + ga970a-ud3 mobo + evo 212 cooler all for around the price of a single i5-4670k, so if you're on a budget the above combination is what I'd recommend. And it's really not that much worse than a stock i5.

Alright, thanks for the help, anyother parts u can reccomend people keep telling me that the nvidia card was a bad choice, also if u could be so nice to put it on one of those parts sites where you have them all together, im sorry i am rly bad with computers and am shaky about building my own.
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User Info: phantasy

3 years ago#12

it is the $596.99 combo
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