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How similar is XCOM Enemy Unknown to Ghost Recon Shadow Wars?

#1TastyKittyMMMMPosted 9/5/2013 5:09:56 PM
I've been wanting a sequel to GRSW for the 3DS ever since launch two years back. Is this game like a more in-depth GRSW? After all, Gollop did that game, and while he didn't work on THIS game, I'm sure there are similarities since GRSW is said to share some with XCOM (1994) since Gollop.. yeah...... this is a confusing paragraph.

Basically, if I enjoyed GRSW would I enjoy this?
#2SirisS-G-PPosted 9/5/2013 5:41:17 PM
I played both and enjoyed both. So I think you would. I would say XCOM is better.