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How bugged up does my computer sound to you?

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3 years ago#1
It is slow... very, very slow.

For example.. if I go watch something and full screen it my computer is almost non useable after that.

If I leave my browser open for any amount of time that is pretty much it... it will take 10-20 seconds for any input to show on the screen and then if I click something to go to another page it will more or less just freeze.

It is just sooo slow I cannot believe it... to get any sort of use out of it I'd probably have to restart in 3-5 times a day but I work many hours so not nearly that much.. and to restart I have to hold the power button down as the start up bar takes far...far too long.
I Am The Architect
3 years ago#2
just throwing this out there

failing harddrive?

format reinstall OS, (reinstall drivers blah blah)

and see if the problem persists

if it does? something is wrong, if its speedy? then...well......yay
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3 years ago#3
failing hard drive maybe..

I mean I do have two in there.. one was very,very old.. I would say 10 years.. and now to the computer it doesn't even exist lol.

I know I have to get a new computer...sometime but i'm cheap.
I Am The Architect
3 years ago#4
you don't say what OS, i assume >XP

ctrl+shift+esc calls up task manager, check to see what processes are hogging your resources

end those tasks if they're non-essential apps

try booting into safe mode with networking, see if running just bare essentials alleviates slowness

run MalwareBytes and some anti-v software

if all else fails, backup your crap and reinstall OS - cheaper to start fresh than fault find if you lack expertise

3 years ago#5
if you think failing HDD you can run free app to check, something like HDtune
3 years ago#6
Can't be processes..

using 680/2240.

Should be plenty.. oh well.. guess I'll run HD test.
I Am The Architect
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