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"Nvidia Shield" Review

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2 years ago#51
I just love the fact that its an open system that uses android. I don't understand why the vita and the 3ds have to be so closed and slow to change. There are thousands of mobile games but instead of Sony making a system that can also play them, they shut the door and follow a business model from the 90s.

The vita also was so much promise and no follow through. Ps3 streaming is almost non existent! I have faith that nvidia and the shield will at least do what it says
Gaming PC from Mythlogic,, Wii U, XboxOne-PS4 Undecided
2 years ago#52
As awesome as it is, I know from owning multiple phones and tablets (many at the same time), I'm a one-mobile-device person...I just don't really use anything other than my phone. Its why I ended up ordering a Xperia Z Ultra, so I never have to worry about the screen being too small.

Plus, I can still have an awesome gaming experience by wirelessly connecting a Sixaxis controller for emulators or a wireless 360 controller for game streaming through Splashtop.
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(edited by CardigansFan)
2 years ago#53
I just love that I already have a ton of games on steam that is compatible with the shield.

I think it's rad and an getting one next week
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