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What's a good place to get a laptop from with regards to service?

#1iammaxhailmePosted 9/6/2013 4:43:59 AM
Besides Apple.

My current laptop was purchased from Newegg, and the (one) time I had to send it to get repaired it was a pretty awful experience. I had an extended warranty, and Newegg's customer support told me their repairs are done by a third party contractor and not the original manufacturer (even though it was only like 9 months since I bought the laptop, so it probably should have had a manufacturer's warranty). The third party contractor (Service Net) took like 7 weeks to get my laptop back to me on a simple repair (the sound card "thought" that there were always headphones in even when there weren't and needed to be replaced), and not only did they fix the sound card, they also replaced the entire hard drive for no reason whatsoever, threw out the old one, and refused to give me a new (or my old) windows key, and took off the previous windows key sticker. The laptop is a Lenovo Y570, by the way.

Anyway I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm hesitant to go to Newegg again (unless my experience is a freak accident, I only had to repair once). Since I travel to/from college every week it wouldn't be feasible for me to build and lug around a desktop, so I do my gaming on a laptop. I don't need to max things out (although I don't want to have to play on low to get 50-55 FPS).

I don't really care if I get the laptop online or in an actual store, although the ones in stores seem to often be really overpriced.
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#2PhilOnDezPosted 9/6/2013 5:54:52 AM
Best Buy's Geek Squad isn't quite that horrible but they're extremely incompetent, not to mention where they allegedly uploaded all those pics from that art student's laptop a while back.

The charge port on my bro's laptop went out so they had to replace the mobo, that went fine aside from the fact that his HDD went out a week later (which may not have been their fault but still). They replaced the hard drive but under no circumstances could they get windows reinstalled and they wouldn't give him his laptop back until they did. I gave him a restore disc (which may not have actually been useful to them) and an official install disc to give them. He had to drive up there 4 times (it's over a two hour drive) in one week before they finally gave up and just let him have it back, I had it up and running better than new in 20 minutes with the disc I had given them and a flash drive with a few drivers that 2 minutes of googling found me on the official Asus site.
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#3iammaxhailme(Topic Creator)Posted 9/6/2013 6:04:02 AM
The laptop I had before this one was from Best Buy, and they flat out lied and wouldn't fix my laptop because they claimed their computer said I have a 2 year regular warranty and NOT a 2 year accidental warranty, even though I had the original receipt proving otherwise, so I'd rather not go to Best Buy if possible.

If I get a laptop on Amazon, does it come with the manufacturer's warranty? Anyone know?
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