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news on more amd games?

#1urtvPosted 9/6/2013 7:08:27 AM
so have there been any news on what new games might get added to the amd bundles?already have tomb raider and bioshock.none of the other games interest me
#2Ch3wyPosted 9/6/2013 7:14:19 AM
Go to the Nvidia side. We have Splinter Cell.
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#3urtv(Topic Creator)Posted 9/6/2013 7:21:20 AM
not really into i still have the gold key i need to get rid of and none of the current games are interesting
#4DownSouth113Posted 9/6/2013 9:09:09 AM
Arent new cards in October... Im holding mine until then
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#5AsellusPosted 9/6/2013 9:56:51 AM
Go to the Nvidia side. We have Splinter Cell.

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