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Is a GTX 760 Superclocked a good performance upgrade coming from a GTX 570?

#1AshWilliams78Posted 9/6/2013 10:07:12 AM
Just wondering if it's worth it to upgrade.
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#2aak57Posted 9/6/2013 10:15:22 AM(edited)
Depends on how much you can sell the 570 for. I dunno what the going price is these days. General comparison:

IMO, it's not worth simply buying the 760 for, but could be worth it if you can sell the 570 for the right price.
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#3crawdadPosted 9/6/2013 10:27:14 AM
read title as 780 super clocked and immediately though "How was this a question" seeing now it is a 760, :(
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#4RequiemPosted 9/6/2013 11:00:04 AM
It's a good upgrade.
But, unless you're having problems playing games, not really necessary. 570 is still a good enough card for majority of the current games available.
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#5EdgeofDarknessPosted 9/6/2013 12:54:11 PM
A 760 is an upgrade and it is a good price but I have a 570 myself and with anything that is currently out I can not justify an upgrade right now.

Id sooner buy another 570 for like $80 on ebay and sli them and wait for the 800 series if I really wanted an upgrade.