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Looking for recommendations for a simple desktop that's reliable..details inside

#1NavexPosted 9/7/2013 9:12:04 AM
Looking for something good and cheap. I want to build my own eventually but at the moment I'm looking to get a desktop computer for everyday use. I don't want to pay a lot as I only intend to use this until the new year, as by January or before that I should have other financial things covered so I can build something really nice. I do NOT play PC games so I'm not worried about gaming specs but I do play Marvel Heroes so I'll need something that handle it. Its requirements:

CPU: Core 2 DUO 2.1 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.1 GHZ or better
Graphics Card: DirectX10 Compatible card with 512 MB VRAM or higher that fully supports Shader Model 3.0
System RAM: 2Gb or higher
Hard Disk Space: 10Gb or higher
OS: Windows XP 32 bit or higher

I'm pretty sure by January or before I'll be ready to shell out cash to build something but just in case I'm not I suppose I should also ask that it would be something that I can swap out parts for in case I need a better card or such down the road. Also, if it's possible if sells anything that can do this that would be good as I can use my brother's discount on the site but it's not required.

I'm sure since I'm basically asking for just a desktop anything would work since I just my current one for internet browsing, music, and occasionally running a program or writing documents but I figured I would ask here since I don't want to overpay for something that I won't have too long. As long as it can play Marvel Heroes good too I'll be golden until build time.

Thanks for any answers.
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#22Dhas_a_MIGRANEPosted 9/7/2013 9:14:58 AM
You might be able to get by with what you already have. What are the specs of your computer now? If you right click "My Computer" and go to properties it will say what CPU you have and on the left of that screen if you click Device Manager and then Display adapters it will say the series of your graphics card if you have one.
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