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To 1080p or not to 1080p

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3 years ago#1
I currently am using a 1680x1050 monitor, but I've really been considering upgrading since it's quite old. I'm just worried there really won't be much of a difference in a 1080p monitor? I guess I can always get a bigger screen so I'll have improvement there, but is the resolution very different in practice?
3 years ago#2
what's your card?

theres a difference of 309,600 pixels... |
3 years ago#3
Well I have a 9800GTX+ right now but the same time I get the new monitor I'm going to get a 780 or something, whatever is a good deal when I get the monitor.
3 years ago#4
Well assuming your looking at getting a screen larger than say, 20", ya it looks a lot nicer.
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3 years ago#5
Honestly, you might as well get a 1440p monitor, if you're getting a new one. If you're going to upgrade...upgrade. They're not that expensive.

Keep in mind that you'll be pushing a ton more pixels (and it looks beautiful) but that requires a better GPU than you may be using on your current monitor.
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3 years ago#6
If you're getting a 780, go for a 1440p monitor.

If you want to keep using your current GPU, don't bother with the upgrade.

What CPU do you have?
3 years ago#7
i5 2500

Hmm, how affordable can a 1440p monitor be had?
3 years ago#8
I went from 1050 to 1080 not too long ago. The difference was clear at first and I'm sure you'd notice it, but I think you'll just be left wishing you had just a little more.

If you're getting something like a 780 or whatever then try to budget in a better monitor as well. I think you'd prefer that in the end.
3 years ago#9
While next-gen consoles are finally moving up to standard 1080P resolution, PC gaming is going beyond: I imagine 1440P will be the new benchmark standard for PC gaming. At this resolution, AA becomes a little less important and texture/shader settings much more so.

I'd begin optimizing for 1440P gaming.
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