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Recommend me a PC build for Battlefield 4

#1aamir69Posted 9/7/2013 11:05:47 PM
My current PC build is:
Motherboard: ASUS M4A79XTD EVO
RAM: Corsair 8GB 1600Mhz
HD: WD Black Caviar 1TB
Processor: AMD Phenom X4 945

When I play certain high end games, battlefield 3 for example on bigger maps it gives me a frame rate drop. What components I should upgrade to have a good smooth play time for battlefield 4 and other high graphics games coming later?

#2420FatalPosted 9/8/2013 12:06:28 AM
upgrade GPU
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#3aak57Posted 9/8/2013 12:17:18 AM
CPU, motherboard and video card. As to what you'd need, well that depends on your budget.
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#4Crimson_JesusPosted 9/8/2013 12:37:29 AM
battlefield is pretty dependent on CPU and yours is ancient, i'd say upgrade that first
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#5ECOsvaldoPosted 9/8/2013 2:04:53 AM
Here's what I would recommend upgrading:
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#6aamir69(Topic Creator)Posted 9/9/2013 1:06:30 AM
What card would you recommend me to upgrade to with a price range of 350$?
#7maybecallsPosted 9/9/2013 1:38:30 AM
I would just lower the settings for BF3 and carry on using your current PC for now.
#8ECOsvaldoPosted 9/9/2013 2:07:44 AM
Check this build out as well ->
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#9_GRIM_FANDANGO_Posted 9/9/2013 10:32:30 AM
Your build is pretty balanced. You are in that kind of situation where there is not one component really underperforming compared to the others. If you wanted to upgrade it would make the most sense to upgrade your entire system.

Though at the same time, it seems much too early to put aside this build. This should still run almost any modern game fairly well, and i would wait and see how demanding BF4 is before upgrading anything. My bet is that you will be able to run it well if you do not mind having it on medium settings.

If you really wanted to upgrade right now, then for BF4 I would upgrade motherboard and CPU first. You CPU is the thing that I think would hold you back the most for now. With a motherboard and CPU upgrade you will be able to run it much better, and you can always easily upgrade the GPU later when necessary.
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#10playdatpsp91Posted 9/9/2013 10:34:06 AM
ECOsvaldo posted...
Here's what I would recommend upgrading:

GTX 770-780