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How many of you game on a console as well?

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3 years ago#61
Over the last year.

I would say I game about 85% on the pc. 10% on my phone and ipod, 3% on the vita, 2% on the ps3.
3 years ago#62
I still play my ps3 from time to time when a good console game comes out. My ps3 will definitely get some usage with GTA v.
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3 years ago#63
pronouncemyname posted...
Slayn posted...
pfantzypantz posted...
Snuckie7 posted...
I have consoles but I don't really play them anymore.
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3 years ago#64
Playing The Last of Us at the moment, awesome game, and I will be playing GTA V in a week ;)
Love my PS3
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3 years ago#65
I used to play on the Xbox 360 then realized how much money I am splooging out just playing on consoles then later switch to a decent used PC and then finally got around building my own PC with help from my 2nd oldest brother.
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3 years ago#66
Yeah! Vita, PS3, 3DS, Wii U a little bit.
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3 years ago#67
Regularly? No, occasionally I do though. Some games are just better/meant for consoles, like jrpg's.
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3 years ago#68
MC RaZaR posted...
Not reguarly, but often. I prefer playing most games on console and usually only MMOs on PC.

Gotta go with this.
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3 years ago#69
I alternate between PS2, PS3, GCN, Wii, PSP, and NDS alongside my gaming PC.
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3 years ago#70
My 3ds gets a decent amount of play and that will continue with a strong next 4-5 months of releases. PC is my #1 though ever since I finally built a good rig.
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