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SSD and HDD Combo Drives wth?

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User Info: DarthFrozanous

3 years ago#1
Anyone have experience with these? Are they legit and reliable?
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User Info: Enigma149

3 years ago#2
They're not nearly as good as an SSD, but they are definitely better than a regular hard drive...even a 10K or 15K hard drive (pretty much rendering those pointless).
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User Info: the_master_123

3 years ago#3
i got one for my laptop it good but they won't be as good as a ssd and aren't practical in terms of cost difference for just data. I haven't had reliably issue either. A desktop would be likely be better of just using a ssd and a hd. hybrid drive are better option for laptop due to the fact the most laptop only support 1 hd.
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