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Does anyone use a video capture device?

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User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#1
Which one? Impressions? Are they worth it?

I'm thinking of getting a elgato
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User Info: DanHamilton

3 years ago#2
I use a video capture device for my YouTube video recordings.
The capture card I use is the HD PVR 2 GE+ (Gaming Edition PLUS).

If you're into recording your videos then it's definitely worth it, If you want to commentate over them, livestream or anything like that the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 is the one you want.

The HD PVR runs off the smallest pc requirements compared to other capture cards too.

I love my HD PVR, It's flawless. Just perfect, really gets the job done.
When a new game is out I really do record videos non-stop and it works to such a high standard I can push videos out constantly to my audience which is fantastic.

They released their new software recently called Hauppauge Capture which can be found here: .

Take a browse dude, Enjoy :D
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  3. Does anyone use a video capture device?

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