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Forwarding Spam E-Mail = Waste of Time?

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User Info: l_Xanato_l

3 years ago#1
Months ago, I had made the mistake of posting my resume on CareerBuilder or Monster to apply for a job, thinking that I would be safe if I kept my resume "private." Since then, I've been getting third-party spam e-mails just about every other day. Tired of Gmail's worthless spam filter, which merely sends spam to another folder instead of blocking it, I did some research and learned that one could send spam to, a federal department which would "supposedly" take action against the perpetrators. Well, I've been consistently doing this for months and it doesn't really seem like it's making much of a difference. It seems like I'm getting spam from the same person/group, mostly because of the way the e-mails are formatted, the sender address, or the language they're in.

I know that you can't expect a busy organization to address things overnight, but as I've said, it's been months of me doing this. Is there anything else I can do to fight back against this crap?

User Info: Binba442

3 years ago#2

Spaninhilator is free, and from what I've researched, it looks pretty good. Do some research on google, you might find things.
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