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So my computer is starting to freeze up a lot.

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3 years ago#1
In the span of a few hours it's started to freeze up with alarmingly increasing frequency. First time it happened I was working in ZBrush, when it froze while scaling the model (this isn't a strenuous process on the computer - it's actually more akin to just zooming than scaling). Since then it's taken less and less to instigate a total lockup. As of this topic (on another computer) it froze up within 30 seconds of rebooting to bypass the last lockup, when I opened Chrome first thing.

What cause of freezing does this pattern indicate to be the problem?
Will Mars Ever Be Terraformed?
3 years ago#2
Seems like a Flash, or memory issue. Is your video card over clocked by any chance?
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3 years ago#3
Sounds like bad RAM to me. I was having a similar issue with my laptop and pulling out one of the sticks of ram fixed it (I'm assuming that I was lucky and got the bad one first try).
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3 years ago#4
could be unstable C/GPU, overheating components (dust, poorly applied thermal paste), faulty RAM, corrupted display drivers


reverse any overclocks, monitor temps (check fans are working and giving good intake and exhaust of air), run RAM stress-test before OS boots (memtest), and uninstall and thoroughly remove display drivers, then reinstall them fresh
3 years ago#5
Distortoise posted...
(this isn't a strenuous process on the computer

strain is often irrelevant unless the problem's thermal

i once had a consistent and reproducable freeze triggered by a simple text editor, a freeze that never occurred playing resource-hogging games like Crysis.
3 years ago#6
Everything right now is running at stock numbers and has been for quite a long time. I've been watching system temps for the past few hours to see if they get unusual but they're fine, so ruling that out. For the first time too the computer froze not from me doing something (however arbitrary it may be) but from simply sitting idle.

So I'm running memtest now.
Will Mars Ever Be Terraformed?
3 years ago#7
By the by, if the freeze happens while audio is playing it continues on considerably longer than the screen freezes. Some 30 seconds to a minute longer in fact. The computer does not lock up all at once. It too does eventually cut out however with no further system responsiveness. Is this a symptom hinting at display drivers being the culprit?
Will Mars Ever Be Terraformed?
3 years ago#8

my next course of action would be uninstall display drivers, reboot into safe mode, run driver sweeper, reboot into normal mode, reinstall drivers fresh

do you have a decent PSU?
3 years ago#9
Gonna let memtest clean up first.

I'm certain it's not the PSU. I've juggled PSU issues before and they tend to make the computer randomly crash and reset rather than freeze. It's a 650w that's about 2 and a half years old though.
Will Mars Ever Be Terraformed?
3 years ago#10
Right, so memtest returned no errors and that everything is peachy memory wise. I dunno how much that rules out memory as the source but I'm moving onto video drives next.
Will Mars Ever Be Terraformed?
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